What Are The Benefits Of Marketing Automation Tools?

Marketing automation is the practice of using software and other technologies to act on a scale and increase the results of a company. Through it is possible to identify, accompany and act in a personalized way with your audience, improving the relationship in general and, consequently, sales.

For example, think about the routine of a digital marketing team: every week they need to publish content on the blog to attract new visitors. Then, they should spread those posts on social networks and manage all the hooks they generate. In addition, they need to generate contacts, that is, leads for the sales team, for that reason they capture emails offering a newsletter.

But, the sales team needs more information before contacting a lead. Therefore, the marketing team produces ebooks, webinars, and spreadsheets that are offered after completing a form, which requests information such as name, phone number, position, etc.

In short, the volume of activities and processes necessary to make this “machine” work is gigantic. And the more the company grows, the greater the number of contacts to generate and work.

That is why marketing teams need tools that reduce manual work. They help increase the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the time spent on each task. And in this case, time is money!

Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools:

Large companies, which deal with thousands of contacts and customers, see in the automation an obvious benefit: it facilitates the day to day workflow of the employees and improves the management in all the areas.

Greater Generation of Leads

If your company already has clients well mapped, it is much easier to create guides and processes that help you attract and attract more leads.

With marketing automation, it is possible to do this monitoring in a personalized way, which increases the generation of business opportunities for your sales team.

Reduce The Sales Cycle

As the automation tool helps you to accompany, manage and nurture your contacts, you can leave the sales process more consultative.

This means that future clients spend less time arguing, which makes the purchase process faster and more efficient.

Social Media

Those who work with digital marketing already know: “content is king, and disclosure is the queen”.

To be successful, it is not enough to produce content, it is necessary to invest time and money in the dissemination and, in those cases, social media are our great allies!

The problem is that publishing in the appropriate frequency for each network, in addition to accompanying and managing all the commitments is a task and so much. That’s why good automation tools can help you:

  • Schedule your postures on the networks;
  • Analyze social media analytics
  • Monitor likes, comments, shares, etc;
  • Monitor the clicks you’ve attracted through social media;
  • Identify, integrate and accompany the interactions of users on multiple platforms.

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