Top 5 E-Commerce websites for your business 2019

Top 5 E-Commerce websites for your business 2019

The evolution of e-commerce has made it very easy for people to find more business opportunity. With so many people leaving full-time employment to start their own businesses, it is fair to say that things have never been this easy. Of course, it takes a lot to establish a sustainable business but the resources are certainly there.

For someone looking to build an online store, there are many e-commerce platforms that can help to make that a reality. However, choosing the best one can be quite difficult, especially if don’t have the necessary information and experience. Fortunately, there are many sites online that can provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

Some of the factors you need to consider when selecting a platform include pricing, ease of use and the quality of the available features. Making the right choice will be crucial to the performance of your business. That is why the process of choosing a platform should be handled very carefully.

Here are the top five e-commerce websites for your business in 2019:


Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce brands today. It is a great option for someone looking to build an online store. It’s easy to find success stories of budding entrepreneurs who have been able to build successful businesses on this platform.

1.It allows you to sell across various channels including Instagram, Facebook, eBay and Amazon

2.Their great inventory system makes it much easier for you to manage your own store.

3.It’s highly affordable with some accounts going for as little as $29 per month

4.It provides tools for branding as well as no-experience design


1.Pricing is based on the stage of the business

2.Users might be required to pay more for third-party app


The plans offered on Shopify can cost you anything between $29 and $299. It all depends on the number of tools you are using and any support you need. It also depends on whether you opt for an annual or monthly subscription


This is another highly popular e-commerce website. It has a pretty impressive client roster with big names such as Toyota, Travelpro and Gibson Guitars all using the platform. BigCommerce has a good number of customizable templates that users can use to design their stores. 

1.No transaction fees even for users with third-party payment gateways

2.It has built-in product review functions

3.It has some of the best SEO features

4.Its built-in blog allows users to create their own marketing content without using third-party tools.

5.It’s very flexible especially for users selling multiple products

1.There are limits on annual sales. Exceeding these limits means you have to take a more expensive monthly plan.

2.There are no mobile apps for users to manage their stores while in the move

3.Some of the themes on the site appear too similar


There are three plans to choose from on BigCommerce, Standard, Plus and Pro. The Standard plan goes for $29.95 monthly while the Plus and the Pro go for $79.95 and $249.95 respectively.


One of the best things about this e-commerce platform is the fact that it has a wide variety of plugins which makes it very easy for users to add extra features. It is a great option for businesses seeking integration with WordPress.

1.It adapts easily to different kinds of online stores, regardless of product or market niche

2.It is a highly secure site with the necessary safeguards in place to handle cybersecurity issues

3.Has a large community of developers, users and contributors

4.The site is 100% customizable

1.Too many plugins hamper the performance of the site sometimes

2.Users have to pay for certain features

There are three packages you can choose from on WooCommerce. The Starter (100GB) goes for $13.99 per month. The Plus (unlimited space) costs for $17.99 monthly. The biggest package is the Pro which comes with an additional backup solution. This one goes for $31.99 per month.


Anyone in the e-commerce business will tell you that mobile commerce is absolutely critical. If you want to exploit this area, this is one platform that will make it easier for you to integrate the mobile element. GoPro and Adidas are some of the big brands that use this website.

1.It is cloud-based meaning that space is not limited

2.The platform is upgraded many times in a year bringing new features with every upgrade

3.Being cloud-based makes the site easily scalable

1.The fact that it is used mostly by highly successful businesses makes it more expensive

2. The license fee is based on a percentage of your sales

3.Not suitable for B2B sales

The price charged on users is based on the sales they make. While this might seem like a disadvantage, it is a site that is very dedicated to making users successful.


Since this is a self-hosted platform, the user has to download it and meet the hosting costs. The user will also have to be responsible for the set-up efforts.

1.It is 100% customizable and also very easy to use

2.The pricing is affordable and flexible. There is even a free option.

3.Has a large community of developers as well as users

1.Creating a site can prove difficult at times

2.Setting up a customized site takes a bit of time

3.The site uses third-party hosting


There are three plans on the site: Magento CE (Community) is free of charge, Magento EE (Enterprise) comes with a starting price of $22,000 per year and Magento EE Cloud goes for $2,000 per year (including hosting).


In summary

The choice you make will have a huge bearing in the future prospects of your business. With the right approach, you can be able to find the most appropriate e-commerce platform for your business. If you know someone who is already in the e-commerce business, asking the right questions can put you at an advantage.

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