Email Marketing Guide Part 3: Thank You Page

Email Marketing Guide Part 3: Thank You Page

Welcome back to our guide to email marketing. In the last PART, we’ve successfully set up our email list and squeeze page, as well as linked them together. In this blog we will continue setting ourselves up for successful email marketing. And to do so, we need to create a Thank You page.

 A thank you page is a page or email a person receives after filling in an opt-in form, completing a purchase, signing up to an email, or whatever desired end goal is on your website.

Thank you pages are a great opportunity to further engage with your visitors, move them along to another section of the website, complete a sale, and so on.

Websites and email marketers who don’t use thank you pages have much less chance to further their goals, no matter what they are: gather clicks, sell products, promote their brand.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into creating our thank you page. Just like in our previous blog where we created a landing page and an email list, we will be using two of our favourite email marketing websites: ClickFunnels and GetResponse.

     So first, let’s enter our GetResponse account. From there, we click ‘Forms and Surveys’. Then we click on the blue ‘Create Form’ icon. After that, select the ‘List Builder Wizard’. From there we will see tons of pre-made Landing pages. Let’s select the one that we like at first sight for now, we can come back and edit it later. Our goal for now is to see how it works.

After selecting our preferred template for a landing page, we will be taken to a new window. At the top of the window, we will find an icon that says ‘Thank-you page’. Let’s click on it. Now we see how our thank you page will look. We will be able to edit it later when we will be talking about how to make a good thank you page specifically for your cause.

Now, let’s click the top right corner button that says ‘Save and Publish’. After that let us select the option ‘GetResponse will host my form’. Clicking this will provide you with a link of your thank you page. Copy this link.

Now that we have our thank you page and its link let’s go back and click on ‘Forms and Surveys’ again and press ‘Create Form’. This time, we will use the ‘Plain HTML’ option. After that, click the box that says ‘Custom Thank-you page URL’ and paste in the link that contains your thank you page.

From there, press the blue button in the middle right of the screen that says ‘Copy Code’. Next, let us go to our ClickFunnels account, go to our Funnel that we’ve created according to instructions from our previous blog (Link). Click on the ‘Settings’ icon next to your funnel.

There, we find the ‘Head tracking code’ section and paste the code we copied from the GetResponse website. This was the final step to linking your squeeze page to your email list, as well as our thank you page. After completing this step, every time a person puts their email address in to your squeeze page, their email address is going to end up in your GetResponse email list and they will receive the thank you page we have created.

Now that we’ve successfully learned how to do all of this, we just need to polish our thank you page. Even though the GetResponse website has some great pre-made thank you pages, we want to have our own personal thank you page. I have made instructions on how to create an effective thank you page in this BLOG.


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