SEO Marketing: 6 Reddit Hacks You Should Know

SEO Marketing: 6 Reddit Hacks You Should Know

Did you know that Reddit is currently ranked as the 5th most popular website in the US with over 330 million active users each month?

This makes one of the top platforms for search engine optimization and internet marketing. Reddit is a powerful social networking site that can be used for brand placement. If you have been thinking of quitting your job and working home as an online freelancer, then SEO Reddit is something that should interest you.

What works for SEO Reddit is that it has a highly engaged community and that helps with backlinks and traffic to your brand. However, blatant promotion of links to your products is considered spammy and can do your brand more harm than good.

Benefits of Reddit

Some of the benefits of using Reddit for marketing are:

  • You can share your opinion on various topics with others on the platform. This will give your brand an opportunity to be seen and heard by a large number of users.
  • Majority of Reddit users, 78% of them, fall in the age bracket of 18 to 34. Most of these people access the
    platform on their mobile sites or the mobile app. Proper engagement of this tech-savvy generation of users can help in the marketing of your products.
  • Reddit enables you to network with people who share your interests and thoughts.
  • Unlike other social platforms that become boring over time, discussions on Reddit are always dynamic and
    fun to engage in.

How to leverage Reddit for SEO? 

Making money online is easy if you have the right formula. If you harness the power of social media and SEO Reddit, then everything will fall into place.

See how to make Reddit work for you:

1. Don’t stifle submissions from users. 

Instead of blocking off users with differing opinions on the platform, encourage them to make their submissions. It is a platform for your brand to interact with fans instead of bombarding them with marketing messages. Allowing your users to interact with you increases the number of indirect brand advocates you have, leading to a better SEO Reddit for you.

2. Use the platform for Customer Service.
You can use Reddit to provide a channel for your clients to air their issues and have them resolved. Allow your clients to share and have discussions on their experience with your product. It is priceless feedback that you can use to improve on the product and service delivery. Clearly define the purpose of the channel (sub-Reddit), providing helpful links and give directions on how to raise issues they would like resolved.

3. Create a Network.
You need the right strategy to create a network of interlinked sub-Reddits around your brand. Through engaging with other marketers, you can learn and receive support to achieve your marketing goals. To create a network, you will need to use a common naming convention, provide a common link to all the sub-Reddits and maintain regular high-quality content. The purpose of networking is to grow the following of an active Reddit community.

4. Keep your followers informed and updated.

It is always important to keep your followers updated on the most recent news and upcoming events concerning the brand. Post the latest news from the brand and maintain a calendar of events for your followers to stay updated whenever they visit the sub-Reddit.

5. Hold interviews with your followers.

Every now and then, conduct interviews with your followers on the sub-Reddits. Let them ask you questions and provide answers to as many as you can. This not only helps them identify with the brand but also helps in growing your community. Your followers will feel heard and appreciated.

6. Create a community.

Create a community that makes your followers to closely feel bonded to the brand. Give them a cool name to identify with, give them an opportunity to engage with you and the other members of the community. It is however very important to have a posting policy to ensure that every member feels respected and appreciated. It will take time and hard work to build the community, so learn to be patient.

The success of online businesses such as affiliate marketing depends on interactions and feedback from other people. Reddit is just the place for this. Harness the opportunity. It is confusing and frustrating when you
start out, but you will be smiling all the way to the bank when you start reaping the benefits.

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