Earn Easy: Get Cash by Selling Your Old Books Online!

Earn Easy: Get Cash by Selling Your Old Books Online!

If you have caught the decluttering bug you probably have stacks upon stacks of stuff ready to go to Goodwill or the nearest shelter for donation. From clothes to books, we tend to accumulate stuff that we don’t need and end up as clutter. But what if you could put those piles of books and magazines to better use? Believe it or not, you an actually make a hefty profit from selling your used books online. In fact, you can grow this small and often overlooked enterprise so you can earn a sizable income from the comfort of your (hopefully) clutter-free home! Read on to learn how you can do this.

Top Online Book Selling Platforms:

There are a number of successful book selling platforms that are perfect if you want to get the most cash for used books. These include:


Bookscouter allows you to compare prices for your book across other platforms to see how much buyers are willing to pay. It also has a handy app for selling books on the go. Basic features are available in the Free version.


Amazon is the go-to marketplace for virtually anything so you can easily find a large market of buyers there. They have an in-house book buyback program where you can get as much as 80% of the value of your books. However, Amazon pays in Amazon credits or gift cards which may not be what you are looking for if you want to get cash fro your books. Alternatively, you can set up your own Amazon store for used books and sell straight to Amazon customers from there. If you want cash for your books this is the ideal set-up.

Powell’s Books 

Powell’s Books is a trusted landmark when it comes to used books. They have brick and mortar stores where you can bring your books for appraisal. You can also sell your textbooks to the store online. Simply enter the book’s ISBN on the site and give a description of the book’s condition.If the book passes store appraisal, the store will send you a quote and a shipping label. Powell’s Books pays through Paypal or store credit.

What to Consider when Selling Books Online?

The first thing to consider when selling books or anything online is the pricing. This is why it is convenient to opt for platforms that allow you to crossmatch prices across different platforms so you can choose to sell in platforms that can give you the highest returns for your books.

Platforms like Bookscounter.com allows you to crossmatch prices for the same book and even lets you look at the pricing history for a specific book. These are useful information to guide you in picking the most reasonable price for your books.

It is also important to be honest about the condition of the books. Most platforms rely on seller integrity when they buy back used books. Creating a reputation for misrepresenting the condition of your items is one sure way to get kicked off any platform. If you are selling to buyers directly, misrepresenting the degree of wear can lead to negative feedback and harm your online reputation as a used-book seller.

It is also crucial to ensure the integrity of the book for shipping. Invest in sturdy packing materials and
envelopes. Wrap books carefully especially those that are prone to disfigurement when not handled with care.

Finally, make sure that you send tracking numbers and other vital information to the buyer as soon as you have them. Ensure that you can also get back to the buyer right away if he or she has any questions about the book or the sale. Responsible customer service can go a long way towards cementing your reputation as a reliable source for used books.

Used books can be a good source of extra cash as you declutter. The platforms mentioned above are a good place to start your online selling journey. You can even do this on a larger scale if you have a sizable collection of books that you need to dispose, so you can see if you have what it takes to make this a steady form of income that you can do at home. With a good collection of books, you can start your niche business with very little capital. Check out the platforms above and get your online book selling enterprise started today.

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