How to Prevent Emails from Going into Spam

How to Prevent Emails from Going into Spam

The goal of any marketing campaign is for it to get recognised. The goal is for it to be read, understood. All the hard work you put in, of course you are going to want for it to be read. Well, that doesn’t happen all the time. Especially in the business of email marketing. Unfortunately, emails end up in subscribers’ spam boxes more often than not.

In this article we will talk about how to avoid this issue from happening, in order for your emails to be received and read by your subscribers.

Spam is often irrelevant, shady, always risky garbage sent from someone trying to sell you something or fool you into installing malware.

For this reason, most email service providers have spam filters incorporated into their systems. A spam filter is a software program that scans emails as they flow in. It is programmed with a specific set of criteria for what spam looks like, and pulls email that meet enough of those criteria.

     Even though different spam filters take slightly different criteria into account, most of them are identical. So taking these common filters into account, we have compiled a list of tips on how to avoid your emails getting sent to spam:


2.    One exclamation mark is enough to get your point across!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.    Avoid words and phrases that sound gimmicky, like: Click Here, Buy Now, Free, Ad, Advertisement, Discount, Offer, Easy Money, Make Money, Call Now, Low Price and similar.

4.    D o n ‘ t   p u t   g a p s   b e t w e e n   l e t t e r s !

5.    Ask your subscribers to whitelist your email and use the recipient’s name in your email’s ‘TO’ box.

6.    Make sure your email address is relevant to the information provided inside the email.

7.    Avoid having too many or too big of images in your email. If the image to text ratio in your email is too big, the email is most likely going to be categorized as spam.

8.    Keep the number of links in your email minimum. The more links and the shadier websites they lead to, the more likely the email is going to be sent to the spam folder.

9.    Provide the reader with a clear opt-out option if they would no longer want to receive emails from you.

10.    Polish your email list and make sure it mostly consist of people who actually care about your content, because then it is less likely to be manually selected as spam by them.

Here you go, 10 tips on how to avoid your emails from being sent to spam. Checking all 10 boxes will be extremely difficult taking into account the type of business we are in, but following as many of these tips will greatly increase your chances of your emails not being sent to spam.

One trick I do recommend is using our beloved GetResponse‘s tool that enables you to check your email massage’s ‘Spam score’. If it is below 1.5, the email is most likely not going to end up in the spam box of your subscribers, but if it is over 1.5, it is very likely it will be sent straight to spam.

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