Email Marketing Guide Part 4: How to Create an Effective Thank You Page

Email Marketing Guide Part 4: How to Create an Effective Thank You Page

 In our latest BLOG we learned how to create a Thank You page using our GetResponse website. However, we mostly only touched the technical side of things and did not discuss what a great thank you page should include. Luckily, that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

So after we have created an email list, effective squeeze page and started receiving our first opt-ins, we must take full advantage of our success. And we cannot strongly say that we did that before having created an effective and well-designed thank you page.

 First, your thank you page obviously should include a ‘Thank You’ in one form or the other. Next, the page should include clear instructions on how the subscriber should proceed. If they just signed up for an ebook, let them know that it’s coming to their inbox and they can expect it soon. Or, include a clearly-stated, easily visible button that says “Download your ebook”. Whatever it is, make sure the visitor knows exactly what to do.

 Finally, it should include a strong call to action (CTA). Your CTA should be easily visible, clear and move the visitor to the next step. This might be a further link (like a blog post), checking out your product, or even just sending them back to your homepage.

Next, you want to state again the value of the original offer. If it’s an ebook, state what it is, what is included inside the ebook, and what the visitor will learn by reading it.

What you can also do next is redirect your readers to your other content like your articles, promotions or products. This will increase the chance to engage your subscribers even furhter, promoting your brand ever more.

It is also a good idea to include social sharing buttons. They not only make your page look more legitimate, they also give your page a chance to be shared with other people. And these people, of course are your potential subscribers!

If you have a video created to promote your brand – include it in the thank you page too. If you don’t have your own video, you may add a video that is relevant to your brand but comes from a different source. People don’t like reading as much as watching videos these days, so keep that in mind.

Having said that, do not write too much text in your thank you page. The information given in it must be short and sweet – provide just enough to engage your readers but not too much so they don’t even bother to read all of it.

Another things you may want to include are social proof – positive reviews of your brand from other users. Also, adding comments may increase the engagement of your readers. If you are trying to sell a product – you may want to include an offer code too.

All in all, these are basic but still extremely crucial things to include in your thank you page. However, you might not be able to create a perfect thank you page right off the bat. What I want to stress is that you should experiment with everything involving email marketing, including your thank you page.

Only by experimenting and including different things in it will you be able to know what works for you. So get out there and start designing your thank you page! 

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