How to Achieve Your Squeeze Page Goals

How to Achieve Your Squeeze Page Goals

As we’ve established in a previous BLOG, a ‘Squeeze page’ is a page with the main purpose of getting its reader to give you their email address. This process is also called ‘opting-in’. However, this is just one of the many goals you might require your squeeze page to achieve. In this blog, we will be discussing said goal, as well as other goals, and how to achieve them in order to make money online.

1. Getting as Many Opt-ins as Possible

This is the most common goal people set for their squeeze page. In this case all you want from your squeeze page is to squeeze out as many people’s email addresses as possible. Achieving this requires designing your squeeze page accordingly. You need to start by thinking of a compelling, relevant topic.

After you’ve done that, think of an intriguing, ‘click-baitey’ headline for your squeeze page. Provide the reader with information you think would be relevant and beneficial to them, but only give them a small piece of the pie and ask them to opt-in to get the rest of it. There should be the smallest possible amount of text and it should be simple to read for anyone. These are the basics of creating an effective squeeze page that gathers opt-ins, for more information turn to our previous blog about Why Your Squeeze Page Doesn’t Work.

2. Getting as Many Leads as Possible

Getting leads is similar to getting opt-ins, however the main difference is that when attempting to gather leads, the potential subscriber also agrees to get follow-up marketing information, thus making them an email lead. To achieve this goal, you must provide your reader with more information than when only wanting them to opt-in.

This information should include the main benefits and features of what you’re offering. And while there should be more of it than when only trying to get opt-ins, there should not be too much in order for the reader to still want to find out more and to do so, give you their email address and permission to follow-up.

By following these tips, you will have an email list of not just anyone, but of people who are genuinely interested in the products or services you’re offering.

3. Making as Many Sales as Possible

This is a bit of a tricky one. While you want your squeeze page to advertise whatever you are selling, you don’t want to tire your readers with too much text. This is why instead of providing your readers with features of your products via text, we advise you to include a short video about your product in your squeeze page.

First, create a strong headline for your squeeze page, then in one sentence describe your product and state that more information is provided in the video. This video should highlight the main benefits and features of your product or service, testimonials from other users of your product or service. A recent study conducted by the University of Tennessee suggests that a video advertisement is up to 80 percent more effective than a textual advertisement.

No matter what goal you set for your squeeze page to achieve, following these tips will without a doubt help you achieve them and bring you one step closer to making money online, from the comfort of your home.

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