Retire Tomorrow, Work From Home

You might have already heard or read such claims but may not have acted on them yet. Well, it’s not your fault as the step to take is a big leap and there needs to be a foolproof plan to ensure at least sustenance after you’ve quit your job. Moreover, despite your qualifications, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get adequate money making opportunities.

What’s Reputation Management? 

It’s a known fact that people will hire the most well known plumber and the most highly accredited electrician in times of requirement. Reputation has always been the distinctive factor between earning just enough to meet your ends and building an empire. In today’s digital age, more than your capability, it’s your reputation that decides how much you can earn. This is why all the big companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc have an inbuilt reputation management system at their core to maintain good business.

Reputation management is nothing but the process of publicizing good feedback and correcting and/or suppressing the negative feelings through sustained efforts. It’s not a new phenomenon and companies as well as individuals have been using it knowingly our unknowingly from times immemorial. However, with the advent of Internet and development of new data analysis techniques, online reputation management has taken the world by the storm.

Need for Online Reputation Management

ORM as it’s commonly called is a procedure involving data monitoring and analysis to provide actionable suggestions for corrective measures to improve your image and undertake effective reputation management.

Unlike its offline counterpart, online reputation management is much more volatile and spreads like a wildfire. This makes it a far more potent tool when handled properly. However, if it’s ignored, the same ORM can lead to defamation of your name through your critics or competitors. 

Therefore, this intangible asset has indeed become an inescapable requirement for running a successful business or for making money online as a freelancer working from home.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Reputation Management
Online reputation management keeps continuous track of anything and everything involving your name. The flow of data on social media, news, blogs, online communities etc is searched every moment as it occurs and anything negative is categorised as per its content for further actions. Actions may include reporting of false acquisition to the local or global digital watchdog agencies, grievance redressal, replying with appropriate comments, suppressing etc. ORM has numerous benefits, some of which are enlisted below followed by some disadvantages.
Benefits :
(a) ORM makes your first impression count. When someone searches your name or your job related information online, we ensure that the positive points appear first.
(b) Detrimental stuff is suppressed. All negative points on the net are continuously checked and dealt with.
(c) Online reputation management enhances your online presence by spreading good facts about you on the social media.
(d) Although the process and entities involved are all intangible, the results can actually be seen on ground.
Disadvantages or Drawbacks
The reputation management doesn’t actually have any disadvantage. However, one needs to draw a line between fair and unfair means of achieving the results as with growing technology there are many methods that can be used to project a false image of a personality or a company.
Online reputation management is a great way of making your business and job profile grow. It utilizes all methodologies of the offline reputation management along with the digital media to project a positive image of your business to someone who searches online. This ensures that a positive first impression is left on the person, which can then be converted into business potential.
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