Email Marketing Guide Part 8: Best Websites for Buying and Selling Traffic

Email Marketing Guide Part 8: Best Websites for Buying and Selling Traffic

In our previous blog, we have talked about what traffic is, why you need to both buy, and sell it to make money online. If you’ve skipped it, here is the LINK to it. In this blog we will continue discussing the topic of traffic by looking through the best websites to buy and sell traffic.

1. Facebook and other social media platforms

There are plenty of people who sell traffic on social media platforms, most notably Facebook. There are groups that are specifically dedicated to selling and buying traffic. 

People post their rates, credentials and other promotions and while it is definitely possible to purchase legit, high quality traffic on social media, there is also a significant possibility to get scammed by accidentally buying fake traffic, generated with fake bots and not real users. 

The reason for this is you cannot check the rating of a traffic salesman on social media, you can’t see their open rate, conversion rate, click-through rate and other important metrics. The Solo Ad salesman could advertise their metrics, however there is no way to know they are not lying. Therefore, I don’t recommend buying traffic from social media users, unless somebody you know has recommended an ad salesman to you. If that isn’t the case, I recommend using one of the two websites provided below.


Udimi is a marketplace for solo ad salesman and buyers. It is free to sign up and offers the opportunity to start buying or selling ads right off the bat. Udimi provides great detailed filters that will let you see all the statistics about an ad salesman. You can see their rating because after every transaction is completed, both the buyer and the seller get rated. You can also see the number of people each ad salesman served and a ‘% of buyers’ metric, which is a number that shows how many percent of buyers reported a sale after using the seller’s services.

What Udimi also advertises is complete fake traffic prevention which is achieved by eliminating low quality v isits automatically. The website’s fraud risk specialists also ban scam buyers and sellers, making sure you feel confident in all your transactions on their site. Their website also lets you contact the seller directly, see detailed information about each visitor and much more.

Udimi does have a downside though. Its cost per click (CPA) is one of the higher you can find online, as they take a substantial commission from every transaction. They are also notorious for banning users without providing much reasoning, so keep that in mind.


SoloAdser is another online marketplace that sells real, high quality traffic. It prides itself for offering traffic originating from email rather than web search tools or Network Paid Ads. You can choose from a Starter Pack, which offers 100-300 clicks, a Pro Pack with 400 – 600 clicks and an Experienced Pack with 700 – 1 000 clicks.

Regardless of which pack you choose, SoloAdser guarantees your website receives high quality traffic from real people who speak English in 24 hours. From my personal experience, SoloAdser delivers on their promises and then some. Majority of the time that I’ve bought traffic from this website, I’ve gotten up to 20% more traffic than purchased, which is just terrific. The price per click on this website ranges from $0.3 to $0.33 per click, which is a great price considering the quality of traffic.

While these websites are the best for buying and selling traffic from my experience, there are plenty of other websites to be explored, so get out there and start making money online!

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