Best Ways to Monetize Your Website (Part 1)

Best Ways to Monetize Your Website (Part 1)

Regardless if you have created your own website as a hobby or you are an aspiring blogger, you definitely want it to bring you income. At the very least, your website should make you enough money to cover basic domain expenses.

But if you put in enough work you will start seeing results. Results that will make you consider quitting your job and making the development of your website a full time job. That’s why in this blog we will be discussing the best ways to monetize your website so you can make money online, by working from home.

1. Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of the most common ways people monetize their websites. Start by finding a product that is in the same niche as your website’s content. For example, if your website revolves around the latest tech, find tech products you like and would recommend.

Then on your website, promote said product to your readers and email subscribers. If the product resonates with your website’s visitors and they click on the affiliate link to purchase it, you receive a split of the sales price. The commission can range between 30 to a whopping 70 % of the sales price. Pretty great, huh? As we’ve discussed in our previous BLOG about affiliate networks, you should turn to them to help you find the best products for you.

2. Sell Ad Space.

Another way to monetize your website is to sell your ad space to companies who want their ads on your website. You are in charge of setting a price for each ad banner on your site. The more visitors your site receives, the more you can ask a company to pay for their banner.

Typically the prices are set as a dollar amount per one thousand impressions (or CPM). For example, you can set a CPM of $5 and you receive $5 for every thousand visitors. Another common method for selling ad space on your website is a direct price. You simply name a price for each ad on your site and get paid upfront at the beginning of each month.

3. Pay Per Click (Google AdSense).

Google AdSense is a code that is incorporated into your website in order for advertisers to run ads on your website. The great part of AdSense is how easy it is. After signing up, Google will identify the type of content on your website and start displaying relevant ads on it.

Just like in our previous example, if your website revolves around tech, Google will display ads for things like smartphones and TVs and you get paid every time someone clicks on the ad. Your commission can range from $0.50 to $5 per click, which is quite a lot.

 4. Sell Your Own Product.

There is the most potential to receive a lot of money by selling your own products, regardless if they are material or digital. In this case you have to create an appealing product, for example an e-book and advertise it on your website.

The downside of this strategy is that a lot of hard work has to come into creating a product or service that people will find useful and worth their money. There is a ton of competition in this day and age, but if you have a unique idea and are committed to working hard, anything is possible.

These are just four ways to monetize your website, but there are much more of them out there. You can find more ways to monetize your website and start making money online in our next BLOG.

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