Best Ways To Monetize Your Website (Part 2)

Best Ways To Monetize Your Website (Part 2)

In this article we will be continuing to teach you about making money online by monetizing your website. If you missed our previous blog about monetizing your website, you can find it HERE.

So without further delay, here are four more ways to monetize your website:

5. Build an Email List.

Building an email list to make money online is a long term strategy. The goal of this strategy is to convert as many visitors of your website into email subscribers. The more loyal subscribers you have, the more you are able to earn by advertising products or services to those subscribers.

But in order to build start building your email list, you need to have an efficient ‘squeeze page’ – a page with a main purpose of getting a person to give you their email address. You can find out more about this website in our previous BLOG.

6. Generating ‘Leads’ for Other Companies.

Companies thrive by receiving new leads – people who may be interested in their products or services. They are always looking for new customers to help them grow. So let’s get back to the example where you have a website about tech. As your website and its traffic grows, you receive an increasing amount of information about your readers. It can be  their names, phone numbers, email addresses. This information can be crucial for tech producing companies to grow their business, so they may want to purchase said information from you.

So, in this case you are playing the role of a matchmaker. Your job is to connect a person who may be interested in a service or product with a company that provides said service or sells said product. This scheme is similar to affiliate marketing, but its main difference is that it doesn’t matter if the person actually purchases the product or service, it only matters that you are able to connect the person with the company.

7. Accept Sponsored Posts and Articles.

Once you have created a website with great content, companies will become interested in working with you and advertising their products or services on your website. This is where you will be able to ask them to pay you for a sponsored article, video or another type of post on your website. In these types of posts you can review the company’s products, talk about their main features and benefits.

8. Flip Your Website.

If your website is getting steady traffic, there will always be a market for it. Individuals or companies will line-up with offers to sell them your website and make it into their own. Of course, the price will depend on the amount of traffic your website is able to generate. While we do advise investing in your future by growing and developing your website so you can make more money later on, it is always hard to turn down a quick buck. If your website makes you $1000 per month, you should be able flip for 10-30 times that amount, which is not bad at all.

While we didn’t cover all ways to monetize your website, as there are tens and hundreds of them, we did talk about the most common and effective ones. Choose the way that appeals to you the most and you will be starting making money online in no time!

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