Best Affiliate Networks for Your Website

Best Affiliate Networks for Your Website

In this blog we are going to discuss what affiliate networks are best for you in order to star making money online by working from home.

If you missed our latest blog where we discussed what affiliate marketing is and what affiliate networks are, you can find it HERE.

1.    CashNetwork.

This is a well-established CPA network with over 50 years of experience. In addition to conventional CPA network services, it claims to do things a standard CPA network can’t – provide assistance or advice with media buys, internal mailing and development.

However, the main drawback of this network is that it is difficult to become a part of. For starters, only USA and Australian affiliate websites are able to become members of CashNetwork. It also requires you to have a referral link, allowing registration. So unless you are from one of those countries or are willing to use Proxy services, and you have a referral link to their site, CashNetwork may not be for you.

2.    ClickBank

ClickBank is a CPA network that has over 20 years of experience. It claims to be one of the largest online retailers, offering over 6 million unique products in order to reach 200 million customers around the world.

This network also provides tools and resources needed to create, publish and market products in order to grow your business. It also offers great commissions. The downside of ClickBank is similar to that of CashNetwork – it is also difficult to become a part of because it requires a referral link for registration and they are not given away lightly. So now let’s get into some CPA networks that are more accessible for newbies.

3.    ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a relatively new CPA network. Along with the usual services, it offers a webpage editor, email and Facebook marketing automation, all organized in one dashboard. They even help you easily create your desired landing page. On their website you can find a quiz that, upon completion, shows you which ‘Funnel’ best suits your business. They also offer a free 14 day trial, so it is a compelling network for rookies.

4.    JVZoo

JVZoo is a formidable network for beginners, as it is quite simple to join and understand. Registration is free and commissions are paid directly to your PayPal account. It also provides real time tracking of your traffic and earning statistics, instant sales notifications and many more features.

5.    Nexus Offers

This is the final CPA network we will be discussing today. The phrase ‘last, but not least’ comes to mind when talking about this network. It is a full service CPA Network specializing in traffic and sales. It only requires payment for actual sales – you only need to pay for their services if they prove effective.

Because Nexus Offers network is quite new, it is trying to assemble users by offering amazing earning per click (EPC) and also guaranteeing an exceptionally low refund rate. Unlike previous networks, we have a referral LINK for this one. By following it, contacting their support and providing them with the appropriate documents (PayPal email and ID, W8 form), you are sure to find the right products for you to start to work from home and make money online in no time!

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